Turunç Map, Bozburun Peninsula, Marmaris

Turunç is a great destination for a day out and it is a beautiful drive over the Peninsula from Orhaniye to Turunç. Turunç is nestled in a quiet bay surrounded by steep, wooded hills, so you get a wonderful view from the top of the hills as you drop down into Turunç.

You can also catch a boat from Marmaris harbour or Içmeler to Turunç, a popular sea taxi route with the locals. Turunç has in recent years started to become more developed as a holiday resort in its own right, but is still well worth a visit, especially if you go by car.

Its pine-tree sheltered bay and handful of shops and restaurants have everything you need for a relaxing day and, 

occasionally yachts casually drop anchor to let their passengers explore the bay and swim in the clear waters of the blue-flagged beach.

Discover the tea gardens in the centre of Turunç if you want simply to ‘stop and stare’, experiencing the local characters and slow pace of life.

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